Vision, Mission and Values

Our organization follows the University Vision and Mission while adhering to core OCIO, ODEE and Enterprise Security Values:

  • Respect - We believe a culture respecting people and their ideas is a culture that inspires creative solutions to complex problems. Having genuine respect for our coworkers, customers, and partners helps us to meet the diverse needs of our university.
  • Innovation - To foster an innovative mindset, we must be willing to embrace continual improvement and adapt from our current state. Innovation is our ability to generate groundbreaking ideas and transform them into services and processes enhancing the experiences of our coworkers, customers and partners.
  • Partnership - Partnership requires truly understanding the goals of our coworkers, customers and partners. We make their goals our own through sharing relationships developed by transparent communication and proactive cooperation.
  • Trust - We strive to create an environment where ideas are freely shared and candid feedback is received with the expectation of positive intent. Every action, every communication is an opportunity to deepen trust in our culture, benefitting our coworkers, customers, and partners. Embracing this ongoing responsibility enhances our relationships, improves our morale, and increases our productivity.