2011 Poll - Prelude

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) annual voice of the community poll was conducted during the first quarter of calendar 2011. The initial e-mail notification was released on 2/18/11 and the poll closed on 3/11/2011. The survey was administered by the statistical team in the Office of the CIO. Subjects were randomly selected from databases provided by the Office of Human Resources and Office of the Registrar.

The poll was comprised of 14 questions on a 5 point scale ranging from very dissatisfied to very satisfied. Neutral was considered valid. Not applicable and no response to a question were not considered valid.

The random sampling included 2000 Faculty, 2000 Staff, 2500 Graduate Student, and 2500 Undergraduate students. An error rate ranging from 4.3 to 5.6 was calculated based upon the percentage of returned surveys per group.

Two questions were asked to gauge overall satisfaction. The first was "how satisfied are you with the overall service experience with services provided by the Offices of the CIO?" The positive satisfaction from respondents in 2011 increased to 68% from 65% in 2010. The 2nd question asked "When I think about information technology on campus I perceive the Office of the CIO as information technology leaders." 48% of the respondents to this question either agreed or strongly agreed representing an increase from 45% in 2010.

To gain the most value when reading this report, one should pay attention to the trends in negative responses, positive responses, neutrals, and even the percentage of n/a responses. Positive ratings ranged from 55% to 76%. Dissatisfied ratings ranged from a low of 3% to a high of 20%. Neutrals ranged from 16% to 40% and N/A were as low as 5.7% and went as high as 69.8%.

Overall, the combined percentage of dissatisfaction for services improved or remained equal for ten of the questions and declined on four questions. Security represented the largest change in negative satisfaction, over 2010, with an increase of 13%. SIS with a 10% improvement and E-mail showing a 6% improvement over 2010, represented areas of noticeable change to the better.

The combined percentage of satisfied responses increased in all areas with the exception of Security. Services with the greatest improvement included Buckeye Link, E-mail, and SIS with all showing a 9 point increase over 2010.

Improvement Over 2010
Buckeye Link 9%
E-mails 9%
SIS 9%
BuckeyeBar 7%
Digital Union 6%
Carmen 5%
Student Computing 4%
Media Services 3%
OSU Wireless 2%
OSUNet (wired) 2%
8help 2%
Security -8%

Neutrals declined or remained the same in all areas. Changes over 2010 show as much as 7% variance. The data suggests that respondents were more opinionated toward satisfied in 2011 than in 2010 and were more likely to select neutral over dissatisfied for all questions with the exception of e-mail.

Highest positive satisfaction ratings
  Positive neutral negative N/A
Carmen 76% 16% 8% 19.1%
8help 73% 19% 8% 21.6%
OSUNet 71% 24% 5% 40%


Lowest positive satisfaction ratings
  Positive neutral negative N/A
SIS 55% 29% 16% 32%
Digital Union 55% 40% 5% 64.5%
Media Services 55% 33% 12% 60%


Highest percent of N/A
  Positive neutral negative N/A
BuckeyeBar 65% 32% 3% 69.8%
DU 55% 40% 5% 64.5%
Media 55% 33% 12% 60%


Highest percent of dissatisfaction
  Positive neutral negative N/A
Security 56% 25% 20% 5.7%
E-mail 66% 17% 18% 7.5%
OSU Wireless 65% 18% 17% 20%


How did Security compare?

  • Three services rated lower on the positive satisfaction scale (SIS, DU, and Media)
  • Five services had a greater percent of neutral responses (Media, Student Computing, DU, SIS, and BuckeyeBar)
  • No services had a higher negative satisfaction rating
  • All services, including the overall experience and OCIO leadership questions had higher N/A