Enterprise Server Goes to One System

Article by Sally Hritz
Originally published in a different format

This quarter, OIT will complete its plans for eliminating the partitions of the enterprise (mainframe) server. Up to now, we've maintained OHSTMVSA for academic users and OHSTMVSB for administrative users. We're making the change to increase the efficiency of both staff and equipment. The benefits are:

  • system programmers will have only one production system and one test area to maintain instead of two each
  • the server's two CPUs will operate more efficiently; 95-percent of the CPU capacity on the academic partition has gone unused
  • memory, disk space and other resources formerly allotted to the academic partition will be more available on a single system
  • all archived data sets will be restored automatically when called for (on the academic side, calling for archived data sets required submission of a separate job)

OIT Staff have been planning the elimination of the partitions for months and have targeted February 25 for completion. On that date, the academic partition will no longer be available and all users of the enterprise server will log on to a single system at ohstmvsb.uts.ohio-state.edu.

Moving the tasks of the academic partition does not affect the current uses or users of the administrative partition in any way. But if you formerly logged on to the academic system (ohstmvsa), you will now see a different logon screen. If you use TSO, you will have to slightly change your job statement. If you need additional help or information, contact the OIT Technology Support Center at 8help@osu.edu or 688-HELP.

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