Learning Technologies Institute Debuts with Training Partnerships

Article by Sally Hritz
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TELR is in the process of launching the new Learning Technologies Institute, a research-based faculty development and training program on tools and pedagogies associated with technology-enhanced learning. The LTI partners with software providers, other colleges and universities, and professional organizations to develop and deliver up-to-date and pedagogically sound workshops and faculty development activities and events. The goal is to contribute to the literature on the proper use of technology in education by gathering, sharing, and refining the experiences of faculty as they use new instructional technologies in their work.

Workshops will be held both on and off the Ohio State University campus with instructors and trainers drawn from faculty and staff of OSU and other state universities. Workshops will be organized in a variety of formats: one- and two-day sessions and two- and four-hour sessions. TELR is also developing online courses with periodic, community building, face-to-face gatherings.

The Institute will be ongoing, offering workshops every quarter, including summer, to accommodate K-12 teachers. Inaugural training sessions began last November, and the certification program debuts this quarter. The Institute hopes to offer continuing education credit and certification in Web technologies for the classroom to K-12 teachers and university faculty focusing on Web design, Web pedagogy and distance learning. A variety of skills-based training is integrated into the theory and practice-based curriculum, including visualization software (e.g., Photoshop), streaming media (QuickTime), and Web authoring and course delivery (WebCT, Microsoft FrontPage, and Dreamweaver). For more information, visit the LTI TELR Web site.

The LTI has two major training initiatives under way: course tools and streaming media:

WebCT training
The Ohio Learning Network has initiated a new professional development program for Ohio's teaching faculty under the banner of TeachU. Working in partnership, the LTI and OLN will bring WebCT workshops to faculty on campuses around the state. After a successful pilot series this past November, the OLN TeachU-TELR LTI partnership launches its first workshop in the new series in February. Additional beginning and advanced workshops are scheduled over the next four months. TELR LTI trainers are certified by WebCT and have completed a "train-the-trainer" curriculum offered by WebCT's Vancouver office. After the workshop, attendees become part of a longitudinal learning community and can share their experiences as they develop online learning and teaching skills.

Apple desktop movie training
TELR is building a curriculum with Apple Higher Education to offer training on Apple QuickTime applications. An early benefit of the collaboration was a series of three half-day workshops on desktop movies in education presented for OSU faculty in December. Apple specialists showed 45 registrants how to create, edit and deliver digital video using iMovie, FireWire and a digital video camera. Digital video can be used in PowerPoint presentations, videotapes and on the Internet to enhance curricula and engage students in learning.

TELR and Apple have come to an agreement in which Apple will provide expert staff consultation for a training book and training Web site. Additionally TELR and Apple will develop a curriculum, to be completed by March 2001, that is discipline-specific and problem-centered. From March to June, the partnership will train the LTI trainers, and from June to November, the new trainers will offer the first workshops to 100 OSU faculty and staff. In November, the partnership will begin outreach to external audiences by offering workshops at the third annual TELR Learning Technologies Conference to be held on the Ohio State campus.

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