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Article by Sally Hritz
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This year's round of funding for two major grant programs are now in the final stages. Grant recipients in the TIP and CDG programs are being announced in May. Descriptions of the projects receiving awards are available on the TELR Web site. Faculty are encouraged to take a look and see if they inspire ideas for proposals in the next rounds of funding. The Board of Regents and the Office of Academic Affairs fund these programs, which approach technology development from different angles. Briefly, they are:

Technology in Instruction Program
TIP supports new and continuing uses of technology in departmental and college instructional programs. Awards are made in two tracks: Instructional Innovation to support new department-level initiatives incorporating technology and Continuing and Expansion to sustain existing uses of technology. Approximately $435,000 will be awarded this year. Proposals in the range of $5,000-20,000 and those matched with cash are favored.

Courseware Development Grants
The CDG program is distributing approximately $300,000 this year to support distance education courses for off-campus delivery, as well as on-campus courses that are technology-enhanced. Approximately eight grants of about $37,500 each are being made. The program gives special consideration to proposals addressing these issues:

  • GEC courses impacted by the close-out problem
  • courses with close-out problems that can be offered entirely online during summer quarter
  • new course structures that increase student enrollment without an equivalent increase in instructional resources

Faculty Innovator Grants
The Office of Information Technology contributes $25,000 annually for this program, which seeks to enrich credit courses with technologies by giving faculty with novel ideas the "risk capital" to get started. The last remaining proposal period this academic year runs July 16-30. Details are on the FIG Web site.

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