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Article by Sally Hritz
Originally published in a different format

In December, OIT/TELR staff began software and hardware improvements to the WebCT instructional environment. The principal new feature is an upgrade from WebCT 3.1 standard version to the 3.6 Campus Edition, which places more emphasis on compliance with section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Section 508 addresses the right to access information on the Web regardless of sensory and physical makeup. Specifically, WebCT V3.6, Campus Edition software adds the following functionality:

  • increased compliance with Section 508 guidelines for accessibility by enabling the use of special devices and software for creating, delivering, or taking online courses
  • a global calendar that consolidates individual course calendars
  • Palm Datebook integration so that users can download information from their WebCT calendars
  • an IMS content migration utility that can be used at the system administration level to import IMS-compliant courses or learning objects created outside the WebCT environment

The staff have also installed a new, high-end server from Sun Microsystems that will, when the components are fully implemented, offer the following benefits:

  • an enterprise level (commercial grade) platform
  • an increased amount of disk storage space, faster processing, and increased reliability
  • secure authentication enabling users to log in with either their OSU Internet username and password or their WebCT username and password
  • frequent snapshots of the system’s data to facilitate any necessary recovery
  • hot mirroring, in which one server is used for production and another one is maintained to duplicate the production server
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