IT Strategic Planning Process Kicks Off

Article by Sally Hritz
Originally published in a different format

On February 21, the CIO’s Office formally launched Ohio State’s Information Technology Strategic Planning process. We expect the IT plan to become a vital component in the university’s successful operation.

We will be rigorous in making IT strategic planning a collaborative effort and have fashioned PlanIT’s approach to emphasize active participation by the key constituents. We recognize that the success of this project hinges on close interaction among the OSU Project Team, Executive Sponsors and OSU stakeholders and on support from the larger community.

PlanIT entails defining the current environment, then envisioning the future state - where Ohio State should be technologically in the future. If we can idealize where we want to be in three to five years, we can work to identify the goals and resources that will take us there. In addition, every one of the initiatives we establish will have defined links back to the academic plan.

Between now and the end of summer quarter, we will be engaging campus planners, members of the campus community, and the interested public through a well-defined process. We will offer Technology Days seminars first, to bring in “thought leaders” to help us craft a vision, then we will seek additional campus input to develop an Enterprise IT vision and guiding principles for the strategic plan.

Our goal is to create an IT Strategic Plan that will be “actionable” in the sense that the initiatives identified are technically and financially feasible and will drive competencies that OSU needs to achieve its business goals and objectives.

In the coming months, you’ll be hearing a lot more. To keep participants and supporters informed of events and progress, we will periodically publish updates in PlanIT News on the CIO’s Web Site. For more information about PlanIT, contact Chief Information Officer Ilee Rhimes and Catherine Bindewald, Director of Technology Communications, Marketing and Planning by sending e-mail to

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