Phone Technologies Keep You Connected on the Go

Article by Lisa Calcara
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Today’s office has moved beyond the space of four walls and a desk. Current technology makes it easy for you to keep in touch with your office, customers and colleagues no matter where you are. UNITS offers a number of technology solutions to help you do business while on the go. Visit the UNITS Web site or call 292-8648 to find out how the following and other services can help you stay connected.

OSU Wireless (cellular) service offers the ultimate solution in mobility. Not only do wireless phones offer constant access with call forwarding and three-party calling, they also include interactive, text messaging capabilities. The campus service offers numerous business plans and equipment choices at varying prices. And most plans include a package of free minutes, voice mail and caller ID. Wireless Web, wireless Web messaging, Web-based voice command and wireless Internet are optional communication features you can add to most plans for additional monthly fees. Plans and promotions change frequently so visit the Web site for current information.

Simultaneous ringing may be the answer when you don’t want your colleagues to keep track of multiple telephone numbers to reach you. This new feature, costing $1.80 per month, can ring as many as five unique telephone numbers (campus and off-campus) at the same time. Even better, you can easily activate and deactivate the feature at any time, and add, remove and change the numbers receiving your calls.

Two call forwarding features offer yet another flexible and inexpensive means to change where your incoming calls ring. Call forward programmable lets you forward all of your incoming calls to another campus telephone or to your voice mailbox. Call forward universal offers the same capabilities with the additional option of forwarding your calls to an off-campus telephone. You can easily activate or deactivate either forwarding feature, as well as frequently change the telephone number receiving your calls. Each feature costs $.80 per month.

Voice mail provides you with a private mailbox number where each caller can leave a message when your telephone line is busy or not answered. You can also easily communicate with other campus voice mail users through some of voice mail’s standard features. You can send new messages and forward messages to other mailboxes or a distribution list of as many as 15 mailboxes. You can also reply to messages sent by other campus voice mail users. Using a touchtone telephone, you can access your voice mailbox from most any location in the world. A standard voice mailbox costs $5 per month. Other voice mail packages and options such as paging and fax messaging are available for additional monthly fees.

MeetingPlace is a multiparty teleconference bridge that enables as many as 40 people in different locations to converse via a conference call. Whether working from home, office or traveling on university business, the service presents you with a cost-effective alternative to meeting face-to-face with customers and coworkers. Two conference call options are available. Meet-me is the most popular and least expensive. Each participant receives instructions and a meeting ID to dial in to the call, and each participant pays a $1 port fee, charged to the department ordering the conference call; participants cover their own long distance fees. With operator-assisted, a UNITS Operator establishes the call and connects participants. For an operator assisted call, you are billed a $10 setup fee in addition to incurring port fees and long distance charges for all conference participants. Both conference call options can be ordered by calling 292-6446 at least 24 business hours in advance of when the call is to occur.

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