Office of the CIO launches Enterprise Messaging

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The Office of the CIO Stakeholders Advisory Group recently launched Enterprise Messaging, a project that will serve as the common message connector for several university initiatives, including the Student Information System, Course Management System (Carmen), OSU Wireless, and wired network upgrade.

As indicated in the university's Information Technology Strategic Plan, Enterprise Messaging will work towards a university-wide standards-based platform for e-mail, instant messaging, calendaring, document sharing, and integration of message-based applications.

The goals of Enterprise Messaging are to:

  • Compile a comprehensive functional requirements document for the purpose of procurement, with input from the project governance committees and industry research
  • Procure, test, and implement the selected enterprise messaging software
  • Provide technical training to key support personnel
  • Develop migration strategies for existing e-mail systems
  • Provide marketing and communications materials through the Office of the CIO
  • Provide help desk support to end users
  • Design, develop, and deploy best practices website and collateral materials to support the use of enterprise messaging throughout the University
  • Provide representation on stakeholder committees formed to address policy issues related to Enterprise Messaging

At the May 22 meeting, the project's governance structure was announced: Executive sponsors are Ilee Rhimes, CIO, Mike Veres, executive director and deputy CIO, and Susan Metros, deputy CIO and executive director for eLearning. Project director is John Ellinger, OIT senior director, and project manager is Tom Shafer, who also serves as project manager for OIT.

Additionally, CIO stakeholders were invited to submit names of persons to serve on the executive committee, core committee, and implementation team. Each CIO stakeholder has received a copy of the project’s charter, and feedback is requested during early June.

Ellinger said university departments and colleges will be surveyed during June to determine their specific messaging needs as well.

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