Technology-enhanced Classrooms: Work of OIT Classroom Services

Article by Emmett Crawley
Originally published in a different format

Many educators indicate that today, more than ever, the educational process requires appropriately designed classrooms that stress flexibility, interactivity, and the inclusion of technology in support of diverse teaching and learning styles.

Ohio State’s Academic Plan states that "Academic excellence is dependent upon many factors including up-to-date infrastructure and leading-edge learning tools." Furthermore, the Plan calls for "Providing faculty, staff and students with the latest technology tools for leadership in teaching, learning, research and career development within the next five years."

The Office of the CIO believes that "Increasing the number and quality of technology-enhanced classrooms is instrumental in addressing some of these instructional needs." Ohio State, like many universities across the country, is taking an aggressive approach to classroom improvements. The CIO's Office of Information Technology Classroom Services is the unit charged with making technology enhancements in 340 classrooms (referred to as classroom pool rooms) on campus.

Classroom Services data indicate that daily, most of the more than 50,000 students on the Columbus campus occupy 283,477 square feet of classroom space, held in the 340 classroom pool rooms, located in 54 buildings. These figures indicate that roughly 444,154 total student hours per week are spent in these rooms.

Working with faculty, Classroom Services has made steady process in introducing new technology in classrooms. At the beginning of the 2000-2001 academic year, there were only 63 technology-enhanced classrooms among the 340 rooms; by the end of the 2005-2006 academic year, Classroom Services indicates there will be 148 technology-enabled rooms, with 192 rooms remaining to be enhanced.

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