OSU Wireless Network Continues to Expand

Article by Ryan Holland
Originally published in a different format

The OSU wireless network is continuing to expand across campus, currently offering connectivity with over 3,300 access points in more than 190 buildings. Over 4,200 users have simultaneously used the wireless network, and more than 27,800 accounts are currently active. In addition to equipment expansion, new services have also been introduced with the debut of the OSU guest wireless network, which offers limited wireless connectivity to guests of faculty and staff.

The OSU wireless network provides high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots for Internet access throughout the Columbus campus, including student gathering areas such as shared classrooms, libraries, unions, residence halls, as well as other departmentally chosen locations. Get more information, including how to activate your wireless username and password, find hotspot locations, guest accounts, or request departmental service at wireless.osu.edu.

Helpful links:
Activate wireless account: wireless.osu.edu/connect.html
Compatible devices: 8help.osu.edu/2714.html
Guest wireless access: wireless.osu.edu/osuguest.html

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