Refresh of Information Technology Strategic Plan Recommends New Actions

Article by Sally Hritz
Originally published in a different format

During the past year the university welcomed new leaders and now receives a new set of recommendations for PlanIT, the Information Technology Strategic Plan, first published in 2004.

The Refresh for 2008 represents the culmination of seven open meetings held over eight months involving the Office of the Chief Information Officer and stakeholders from across campus. The new document redefines the original 15 initiatives into six new ones: Leadership, Risk Management, Network Access and Research Storage, eLearning, Training and Support, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.

The Refresh addresses the ongoing need to keep up with ever-changing innovations in technology. The university must be able to ensure that all its community members can access the high quality technology tools and infrastructure needed to reach their academic, research, and administrative goals.

It is the hope of all who participated that the refreshed plan will give the new Chief Information Officer, Kathleen Starkoff, a starting point as she undertakes the responsibilities of that role, and that it will play an important role in supporting the six strategic goals of President Gee. In today’s information age, a robust technology environment is a vital component in attaining world-class status and the university of the American dream.

The Office of the CIO is most grateful for the assistance of many staff members from the Office of Information Technology, Technology Enhanced Learning and Research, and University Libraries, and for the lively participation of those people from across the campus without whom this new set of actions could not have been drawn up.

The Refresh for 2008 was published as an insert to the CIO’s Annual Achievement Report for 2007, which was just released. The report contains achievements of the past year as well as a retrospective of the major actions completed since 2004.

View the 2008 Refresh

View the 2007 Annual Achievement Report

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