Student Information System (SIS) is Up and Running

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Beginning with the autumn 2009 term, functionality for the new SIS was fully implemented and was used by Admissions, Student Records, Student Financial, and Student Financial Aid. The system change represents a significant milestone for the university. It provides the opportunity for minimizing bureaucracy, streamlining processes and ultimately providing benefits to faculty, staff and students.

Benefits of the new SIS:

  • Eliminates the use of Social Security number as a primary identifier for students and protects sensitive personal information
  • Creates a single, authoritative student data source; consolidating data from four separate student systems minimizes errors, and provides an established process for correcting them
  • Provides students with an online Student Center (accessed at where they can access all their student-related information and complete their academic and business transactions at their convenience from anywhere
  • Provides instructors with an online Faculty Center (accessed at where they can manage their classes, easily navigate to student information, and work at their convenience

Staff from the SIS Project Team also worked closely with the staff of the new Student Consolidated Services Center (SCSC). This new integrated service delivery location for Enrollment Services and Undergraduate Education provides a front counter function for three separate offices (Registrar, Financial Aid, and Bursar), as well as customer service by phone and e-mail.

"Our team is proud to have been on-site with the SCSC staff providing system content expertise during the first quarter with our new system. We are working closely with our SCSC partners to understand how our students, faculty and staff have experienced the new system and to fine tune and continually improve it", said Rick Termeer, SIS project director. The SIS Project team will be finalizing their work with the new system in November and December.

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