Eudora to be Removed from Site Licensed Software

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Qualcomm discontinued its Eudora e-mail applications on May 1, 2007, and no longer offer support for it. While Eudora continues to function for those who are using it, any future problems that might arise with it, e.g., a Macintosh or Windows OS update, will not be resolved.

For this reason, Eudora is non-compliant with Ohio State's Minimum Computer Security Standard and is no longer supported on campus. Therefore, the Office of the CIO recommends that users evaluate other e-mail applications and make plans to migrate their existing mail to one of these programs.

Applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage and the native mail clients that come with an operating system are viable clients. For users seeking an e-mail program with similar features as Eudora may be interested in Mozilla's Thunderbird, now available as a free download from the OSU Site License site at

Eudora will be removed from the Site Licensed Software Downloads site on February 25. Knowledge base articles for migrating e-mail from Eudora to other clients is available at

Future Use
Because OSU's site license for Eudora is perpetual, it is still licensed for use at the University and on home computers. However, since it is not MCSS-compliant, the recommendation is removal from university- and personally-owned computers connected to Ohio State's network.

Technical Support
The IT Service Desk encourages users to seek the assistance of their department technical support personnel with migrating to a new client. For questions, send e-mail to, visit, or call 688-HELP.

It should be noted that Thunderbird will NOT be able to import filters (though it will import all mail and folders from Eudora). Should you decide to migrate your folders, you can find instructions for some Windows and Macintosh e-mail clients at

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