PuTTY Replaces SSH Secure Shell on OSU SLS

Article originally published in a different format

After a review of the available software options by the Office of the
CIO Security Group, in partnership with the College of Engineering, Site
Licensing has opted to provide the PuTTY program in place of SSH Secure
Shell. PuTTY provides implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows
platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator.

PuTTY is currently provided in place of the SSH download from the
Windows tab on the OSU SLS website, both under the heading "PuTTY" and
"SSH Secure Shell". Reasons for removal of SSH have been noted on the
site as well, to reduce confusion.

Macintosh users will continue to use Fetch for Telnet and SSH

For questions, send e-mail to 8help@osu.edu or call 688-HELP.

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