Phishing Scam - E-mail NOT from OSU's CIO Office

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Dear University Community,

We became aware this morning of an e-mail that was supposedly sent out by me asking you for your personal information (including OSU login and password). We want to assure you that this is NOT legitimate and is a phishing attempt to gain access to your OSU account information. If you have not yet opened it, please delete immediately; if you have, please do not respond.

We want to assure you, however, that our Security Team has blocked both the further dissemination of this email and any responses to it. If someone inadvertently replied to this phishing email, their response will be blocked from getting out so they will be protected.

Recently, a number of fraudulent emails that appear to have come from webmail, 8HELP, and businesses are being sent to Ohio State faculty, staff, and students. These emails, which ask recipients to provide their username and passwords, are part of a phishing scam. Please do NOT reply to these messages as they are fake. You should never reply to these emails and they should be deleted immediately. Do not give your password to anyone.

Anyone who replied to any of these fraudulent messages should contact the IT Service Desk at 688-HELP (4357).

To stress again, we will NEVER ask you for your login and password. If you see this in any email, you can know for sure and right away that it is a phishing scam and you should not respond to it.

If you have any concerns or wish to send comments, please send them to the following e-mail address: To read more, please go to our BuckeyeSecure site.

Thank you for your help in stopping these fraudulent phishing efforts.

Kathy Starkoff

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