New Password Self-Service Site for OSU Internet Username (lastname.#)

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Updated December 17, 2010

The Identity and Access Management (IdM) Program, with support from University Communications, will deliver a new self-service tool for identity (lastname.#) and password management. The new tool will completely replace the existing Account Management site with a range of new functionality and features, including 24x7 access for resetting a forgotten password and recovering a forgotten OSU Internet Username.

While the focus for the remainder of 2010 and the 2011 calendar year is on improving password management associated with OSU Internet Username, the vision is to provide a single location for identity, password and access management, and significantly reduce the number of usernames and passwords required at the university. One of the major benefits of the new self-service tool is the ability to synchronize usernames and passwords. Ohio State community members will have the opportunity to take advantage of the password synchronization feature beginning with OSU Wireless. Once the new site is available, users will no longer need a separate wireless username or password. The OSU Internet Username and password will include access to Wireless as well.

Other Features
During this foundational release, the new self-service tool includes functionality to:

  • Activate a new identity (lastname.#)
  • Change a known password
  • Reset a forgotten password
  • Check on password expiration status
  • Receive feedback on password strength and synchronization status
  • Set e-mail forwarding preferences. For students, this includes choosing Buckeye Mail or selecting another e-mail provider.
  • Recover a forgotten OSU Internet Username (lastname.#)

When users change a password for the first time at the new self-service site, they will select and answer a set of security questions. For example, “Where did your parents meet? (give the name of the city, town, etc.).”  The security questions and answers feature enable forgotten password reset without the need to call IT support, and also allows users to reset a forgotten password anytime, anywhere.

The self-service site will also support student applicants, Lifetime E-mail Forwarding users, and Sponsored Guest Administrators. With the IdM system behind the tool, the self-service site recognizes what type of user is logged in and only displays the necessary self-service features for that user.

Password Practices and Synchronization
When it comes to changing passwords, a better user experience is essential. The timing of the new tool is such that it will be available to support the university through the transition to more secure and standard password practices. The new IdM system supporting the self-service site includes the ability to distribute pending password expiration notices and view expiration status, helping keep individual community members informed of when they need to take action.

In addition to the enhanced password features described above, the changes to an OSU Internet Username (lastname.#) password occur faster than before. The foundational release will synchronize the OSU Internet Username password among key university systems and those systems using Shibboleth or Kerberos to authenticate. The systems included in this are Buckeye Link, University E-mail, Webmail, Buckeye Mail, Carmen, OSU Wireless, and Anti-Spam.

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