SPSS Noncredit Statistical IT Training

Beginning autumn quarter, the Office of Continuing Education will take over the SPSS noncredit statistical training previously offered through the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

The SPSS training is a hands-on course that focuses on easy ways to do statistical analysis in the Windows and Macintosh environment. SPSS can be used to generate tabulated reports, charts and plots of distributions and trends, descriptive statistics and various inferential statistical analyses.

SPSS for both Windows and Macintosh is available electronically at http://osusls.osu.edu. Faculty and staff must complete an end user agreement and return it to the IT Service Desk, 025 Central Classroom Building, to obtain an authorization code for software activation.

Registration and information regarding upcoming noncredit SPSS classes will be made available at http://www.ced.osu.edu/CEd_noncreditpro.html. Questions regarding SPSS training should be directed to Kemba Nzinga <knzinga@ced.osu.edu> at Continuing Ed.

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