Teaching with Technology Engages Academy of Teaching Members

“Enhancing Teaching with Technology” was the focus of the Academy of Teaching 2010 Fall Reception. Members welcomed special guest speaker Kathy Starkoff, chief information officer, who shared ways of integrating technology into courses, with increasing student engagement and learning as goals.

To begin with, members were given “clickers” to engage in the forum. Starkoff polled attendees on the use of clickers and why it matters. Experts say technology can increase instructor efficiency and student engagement.

Recent research shows, “On average, students in online learning conditions performed modestly better than those receiving face-to-face instruction,” US Department of Education, Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning, 2010.

Starkoff highlighted five tools to enhance the teaching and learning experience at Ohio State: Carmen chat, SMART Podium (attend a SMART workshop), video conference, multimedia, and clickers.

She also noted that instructors can utilize OCIO Learning Technology support by attending Digital Union workshops, applying for Digital Union grants, regularly reading the Digital Union blog at digitalunion.osu.edu/blog, taking the faculty technology challenge at go.osu.edu/challenge, attending a Year of eLearning event at elearning.osu.edu and/or seeking expert advice at digitalunion.osu.edu/specialities.

To view her presentation, go to http://streaming.osu.edu/mediawww2/ocio/ucat/110910.htm

The Academy of Teaching is comprised of Ohio State’s most prestigious awards for teaching, the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching. Each year, through a rigorous selection process, ten new AADT winners are recognized and inducted into the Academy. Members of the Academy meet periodically about matters related to teaching excellence at Ohio State.

The Academy organizes events that help celebrate and promote teaching excellence at Ohio State, including the Mini–Conference on Teaching, which is held annually during the spring quarter. Members of the Academy also contribute to an annual publication called Talking about Teaching, which is a rich collection of articles about teaching at Ohio State.

Past chair and reception host Professor Joseph Donnermeyer, School of Environmental & Natural Resources, encourages faculty to “pay forward” and support the Academy.

For more information on the Academy, please visit academy.osu.edu.

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