Upcoming Events at the Digital Union

Please join the OCIO’s Digital Union for a workshop as we continue to celebrate the Year of eLearning.

Webinar: Learn the Basics of Camtasia
Thursday, November 18, 10-11:30  a.m.
Register: https://registration.it.ohio-state.edu/node/249

Learn how to use Camtasia to capture a recording of a lecture based on PowerPoint, a software demonstration, or anything you can show on your computer screen. Then, we'll show you how to edit your content and add quizzes, surveys, and other features to create a polished screencast. You are welcome to watch the presentation to find out what is possible in Camtasia, or you can follow along in the exercises with the presenter for a hands-on experience. More information and registration: https://registration.it.ohio-state.edu/node/249

Quality Matters in eLearning at Ohio State
Friday, November 19, 10-11:30 a.m.
Learning Collaboration Studio (060 SEL)
Register: https://registration.it.ohio-state.edu/node/236

Join the OCIO’s Digital Union for this overview of Quality Matters (QM). The underlying principles of the Quality Matters process and research-based best practices in online and hybrid course design will be discussed. Participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to gain access to the online version of the QM rubric and join the Quality Matters community at Ohio State. More information and registration: https://registration.it.ohio-state.edu/node/236

Webinar: Virtual Class Meetings
Tuesday, November 23, 1-2:30 p.m.
Register: https://registration.it.ohio-state.edu/node/238

Have you thought about moving some of your face-to-face class sessions to an online environment? Do you need to put more of a face-to-face feel into an online course? Consider taking advantage of web conferencing. Will Matcham, an instructor in the College of Nursing, will demonstrate the interactive features available in the virtual environment of a web conferencing tool to create an engaging and connected learning environment.  More information and registration: https://registration.it.ohio-state.edu/node/238

To view all Year of eLearning Digital Union workshops, visit: http://lt.osu.edu/calendar. If you have questions about this session or any of the Digital Union workshops, please contact Joni Tornwall at tornwall.2@osu.edu.

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