OCIO Developing University-wide eLearning Inventory

OCIO’s team members, with input from the eLearning Strategic Implementation Committee, OCIO Advisory Community, and several colleges and departments, are developing a university-wide eLearning Inventory. When completed, this resource will be a searchable and sortable web site where people can find out what eLearning tools are in use at Ohio State. All units – campuses, colleges, departments, and other organizations – that provide eLearning tools for their instructional staff will be invited to contribute to and use this shared resource.

The inventory will include information identifying the tool (for instance, it lists "clickers" or "lecture capture"), the hosting college or department, under what terms it is available for use, and contact information. For tools such as Carmen, where the data is available, more detailed information about usage can displayed. As part of the development process, some OCIO services are currently included in the inventory, along with entries from seven other units.

OCIO hopes that by providing this information, Ohio State administrators, faculty, and staff can see what eLearning tools are being used in other units. They can use this information to guide decisions about innovative teaching strategies, new course development, or how to provide training to use available tools effectively.

The eLearning Inventory has been demonstrated to several leadership groups; the link to view it is http://elinventory.it.ohio-state.edu. You can sort the inventory by clicking on a heading.  See more detail about any tool by clicking on the tool name.  Available usage information can be found by clicking on the bar-chart icon.

The database is being refined and an online form that will allow technology and instructional staff in colleges and departments to add and maintain information about the tools hosted in their units is being developed.