OCIO 2011 Impact Grant Recipients Announced

The Office of the Chief Information Officer is pleased to announce its 2011 Departmental Impact Grant recipients. With 22 grant proposals submitted for this Year of eLearning endeavor, the committee selected grant recipients from the Division of Anatomy in the Department of Biomedical Informatics and the Department of Statistics.

The goal of the Departmental Impact Grant is to increase student engagement, facilitate greater instructor efficiency, and enable anyplace/anytime learning through purposeful technology use.

The Impact Grant is a year-long collaboration where the OCIO’s Learning Technology area provides $15,000 and 200 hours of support to help evaluate and revise a high-impact course (e.g., General Education, required for major, large enrollment). In this effort, instructor self-efficacy toward learning technology is fostered to incorporate eLearning in pedagogically sound ways.

Beyond the financial and personnel support to address a department’s self-defined "opportunity for improvement," recipients participate in Idea Labs by meeting and working with other faculty and staff on campus and blog about their progress and experience (digitalunion.osu.edu/tag/impact-grant).

"This is a tremendous responsibility," says Lisa Lee, assistant professor for Anatomy, adding, "and the first step toward developing a readily accessible, technology-driven educational tool for the next generation of students."

The selection committee included two faculty, two staff, and two students, as well as team members from OCIO’s Learning Technology area.

Project goals for 2011 Impact Grant recipients include:

Anatomy: The project goal is to develop a comprehensive and customizable educational resource and course featuring online, digital histology content complete with interactive lecture modules, a pre-laboratory, a virtual laboratory experience, and rich assessment feedback. Lisa Lee (lee.3594@osu.edu) is project lead.

Statistics: The project goal is to develop a course model allowing students to attend lecture face-to-face or online, view archived lectures, and complete online lecture review and assessment. Additionally, develop a process for facilitating engaging student feedback from students regardless the attendance mode. Jackie Miller (miller.73@osu.edu) is project lead.

To find out more about OCIO’s Departmental Impact and eLearning Professional Development Grants, contact Robert Griffiths at ltgrants@osu.edu or visit lt.osu.edu/grants.

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