Digital Stories Dramatize Information's Role in the Lives of People and Communities

Huffington Post by Peter Shane, professor, College of Law

March 1, 2011

Today marks the formal debut of Information Stories, a series of twelve three-to-five-minute video narratives (plus an introduction and conclusion) that respond to two questions: What's at stake when local news and information flow doesn't serve all members of a community equally well? How can people respond? I came up with the idea for Information Stories in collaboration with Liv Gjestvang, a Columbus, Ohio filmmaker who is also the coordinator of the Digital Union at Ohio State. The Information Stories storytellers learned how to produce their narratives through a July, 2010 Digital Storytelling Workshop, co-sponsored by the Ohio State University Digital Union, the University Libraries, and the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching. Ohio State University is releasing the Information Stories series subject to a Creative Commons non-commercial license.

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