New SIS Feature Helps Students and Advisors in the Semester Conversion Process

The Office of the CIO has recently partnered with the Semesters Advising sub-committee to develop an on-line tool to help students and Academic Advisors map future course schedules as Ohio State moves to a semester-based calendar. TAP, the Transitional Academic Plan, is a new feature within the Student Information System. Although the tool is built to support the calendar conversion, use of the planning tool will continue well beyond the transition.

The TAP feature is part of the many phases of the Semesters project, which helps to lay the foundation for the conversion process.

According to John Wanzer, Assistant Provost in the Office of Undergraduate Education, “The TAP will provide both academic advisors and students with a useful planning tool to project, term by term, the course work needed to complete each student’s remaining curricular requirements under semesters.”

Features and benefits of TAP include:

  • Online advising planning tool, replacing paper based process
  • Multiple advisors have access to a student’s TAP, providing a consolidated view to student
  • Students will see action items on their Student Center to indicate TAP status and activity

An initial pilot of TAP will occur on March 24 in the College of Engineering followed by a full rollout on April 11. All Students and Academic Advisors will be able to access TAP within their respective Academic Centers at the web site.

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