When Will the New University E-Mail Service Be Coming Your Way?

The new University E-mail Service, powered by Microsoft Exchange, delivers integrated e-mail and calendar services that simplify communications across academic and business units. The service is being rolled-out in three phases, with units assigned to phases based on the characteristics of their current e-mail systems. When fully implemented in FY 15, the new service will unify faculty and staff members from all organizational units and campuses.

Dean Tom Gregoire

The new University E-mail Service simplifies communications for faculty and staff by providing a single Global Address List to facilitate meetings, resource scheduling, and calendar sharing. According to Dean Tom Gregoire, College of Social Work, who recently migrated to the service:

“Exchange was well worth waiting for. My transition took a matter of minutes and has worked flawlessly. This approach to mail and calendar is much more efficient than our prior system. Coordination with others is much easier and communication when on the road is a breeze.”

Phase 1, that is currently underway, includes units that are characterized by their dependence on the university’s existing system:

  • Air Force Aerospace Studies
  • Office of Human Resources Child Care Educators
  • Byrd Polar Research Center
  • College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences*
  • Chemical Instrument Center
  • College of Engineering*
  • Moritz College of Law
  • College of Social Work
  • Mansfield Campus
  • Marion Campus
  • Military Science
  • Naval Science
  • Office of Agricultural Research and Development Center
  • Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Office of Student Life
  • University Center for the Advancement of Teaching
  • University Libraries
  • University Communications
  • Wexner Center for the Arts

Staff migrations to the new e-mail system are nearly complete for Student Life, the Office of the Chief Information Officer, the College of Social Work, and University Libraries. The project team will soon reach out to unit leaders to schedule the remaining Phase 1 migrations for FY 12.

The University E-mail Service will be expanded in Phase 2 to include units that currently run their own e-mail systems, some of which may be nearing the end of their useful life. Examples of units that meet Phase 2 criteria include the College of Veterinary Medicine, WOSU, and the College of Engineering.

Phase 3 migrations will also include units that currently have their own systems, specifically ones with existing features such as archiving. The Medical Center, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Office of Business and Finance are examples of Phase 3 units. The project team is currently validating the list of units that will be migrated in phases 2 and 3. Scheduling for these units will occur after Phase 1 activities are nearing completion.

The Enterprise E-mail Project supports the university’s long-term plans for unified communications across all platforms. In keeping with this, all new faculty and staff will automatically receive an account in the new service when they activate their Ohio State Username through the university’s new Identity and Access Management site my.osu.edu.

To learn more about the Enterprise E-mail project and service, visit emailproject.osu.edu. If you have questions regarding unit migration scheduling or would like more information about the project or service, contact Doug Lach, program director, Office of the CIO, at 292-6018 or lach.t1@osu.edu.

* A unit with more than one e-mail system, with at least one relying solely on the legacy system, so that the unit meets both Phase 1 and Phase 2 criteria.

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