BuckID's 19-Digit Code Classified as Restricted Data

As part of the university's ongoing efforts to protect sensitive personal information, the 19-digit code on student, staff and faculty BuckID cards has been classified as restricted data. This is not the 8- or 9-digit student or staff ID number, but the 19-digit code that corresponds with the magnetic strip on the cards and provides access to funds, meal plans, and door access.

It should be handled with the same level of protection as other restricted data such as Social Security numbers and credit card numbers. The number should not be e-mailed; departments can contact the BuckID office (292-0400,  mailto:buckid@osu.edu) for assistance in adding door access or other privileges to the cards. Further information about restricted data is available at BuckeyeSecure or by contacting David Anthony, director of BuckID, 292-7240, mailto:Anthony.113@osu.edu.