Transforming Learning Technologies at Ohio State through Partnership: Apple Executive Briefing

“The inventor of the system deserves to be ranked among the best contributors to learning and science, if not the greatest benefactors of mankind.”
American Educator Josiah Bumstead, 1841 discussing…the chalkboard.

Innovation in education has been happening for the last 150 years, but never have we been witness to innovation that is fundamentally changing the nature of business, academia, education, classrooms, and our personal consumption of content.  It is our goal, at Ohio State, to be at the forefront of that innovation, providing our students with the most current, academically sound curriculum that will prepare them to be leaders in Ohio and the global community.

Student Advisor ranks Ohio State as the fourth best school in the nation in terms of engaging students through social media. And, recently, President E. Gordon Gee tweeted the following: Meeting our students where they are: social media. Staff and students' work and creativity put us among top five.”

Earlier this month senior leadership at Ohio State engaged Apple’s Higher Education Team in an executive briefing at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.  The goals of the meeting were to:

  • Better understand Apple’s vision for higher education and how it aligns with current initiatives at Ohio State
  • Better understand the impact of mobile delivery on educational content through the various channels Apple provides (iBooks, iPub, iTunesU, App Store, Safari) and
  • Determine what strategies and process will catapult teaching, learning, and research at Ohio State into a leadership role.

The outcomes of this meeting have opened new lines of communication, changed people’s thinking about where we should be focusing efforts to better meet student needs, and has created excitement around technology enhanced education and research. While we are still early in these discussions, we are very clear on where we want the university to succeed…transforming education through strategic partnerships with industry leaders, like Apple. Focusing on helping our faculty be innovative educators and researchers, which in turn will better prepare our students to be Ohio’s innovators of tomorrow. We will be sharing many more wins with you in this arena in the upcoming weeks and months.

For more information, contact Senior Director Mike Hofherr, OCIO Learning Technology, at