Adobe Connect Pilot

The Ohio State University is piloting Adobe Connect for academic and non-academic units.  Adobe Connect is a powerful interactive tool that can be used for both web-conferencing and webinar sessions.

  • Web-conferencing is an interactive online meeting with a small group of participants.  People can use microphones and web-cameras to see and speak to each other, work together on a common whiteboard, or collaborate by sharing an application from one person’s computer.
  • In a webinar, one person – or perhaps a small instructional team – can deliver a lecture, supported by slides or other visual aids.  Students can complete online polls or ask questions via text chat.  Students can also be divided into “breakout rooms,” where they can engage in some web-conferencing activities.
  • Both web-conferencing and webinar sessions can be recorded for later use.

During 2010-2011, OCIO staff facilitated access to Connect for interested faculty and staff.  Based on those experiences, the 2011-2012 pilot will identify a package of hardware, software licensing, and possible auxiliary services that will be meet the university’s needs.

OCIO staff in Learning Technology will partner with staff in key departments and colleges to recruit participants, provide access to Connect, and determine the appropriate technical support and communication needs about best practices. Partnering units will play a key role in determining the outcome of the pilot, including the parameters of a possible enterprise-level web conferencing / webinar service.  If your area has a need for web-conferencing or webinar tools, we encourage you to get involved and learn more about Adobe Connect.

How can your area get involved?