First of Its Kind Apple Software Amendment Goes Into Effect

Effective immediately the Office of the Chief Information Officer is pleased to announce that the university has signed an amendment with Apple that overrides unacceptable choice of law and indemnification language in software license agreements. It is the first of its kind ever agreed to by Apple, allowing staff and faculty to:

  • Apple product agreements are pre-certified to bein compliance with terms and conditions acceptable to the university.
  • Mac OS purchases of 20 or more receive a 50% discount.

The Collegiate Purchase Program Agreement (CPPA), which originally only covered purchases of hardware and peripherals, is now amended to govern all Apple licenses, and will override any conflicting terms and conditions that may appear in Apple software license agreements. We continue to work with Apple to find ways to enhance the educational experience and hope that this amendment marks the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership. Questions can be forwarded to Ed Quinn, associate director of OCIO Contract & Policy Management, at or 614-292-9600.