OSU:pro Becomes Research in View

OSU:pro, the expertise database used to produce dossiers for promotion and tenure, was purchased earlier this year by Thomson Reuters, a leading international firm specializing in gathering and organizing information. This purchase showcases one of the quality products developed by Ohio State University staff to serve the needs of faculty. With the expertise and guidance of OSU:pro team members, Thomson Reuters currently is putting the finishing touches on Research in View, their commercial version of OSU:pro.

Ohio State will be the first institution to implement Research in View. It will replace OSU:pro for promotion and tenure activities throughout the university. Some great news about this transition includes:

  • Research in View will have the same connection to Ohio State personnel and student information systems as OSU:pro. Current users of OSU:pro will not have to re-enter data to produce a dossier in Research in View. Data and profiles that faculty have created in OSU:pro will be transferred into Research in View before the new system rolls out.
  • Seamless integration with current Thomson Reuters’ databases (like ScienceWire and Web of Science) will result in substantially less data entry. Research in View will automatically match publications in any of these databases to their authors at Ohio State.

Research in View will be available for faculty use at Ohio State on February 24, 2012. Prior to that, groups of OSU faculty will be involved in testing on December 12-13 and a pilot January 17-20, 2012. Training for faculty will be offered in late February and March, after the system is available to all users.

More information about the transition from OSU:pro to Research in View can be found at ocio.osu.edu/elearning/services/riv. All questions, comments, and concerns can be directed to riv@osu.edu.