SAS Renewal Codes for Windows, Linux, and Sun

Software: SAS Renewal Codes for Windows, Linux, and Sun

Description: SAS for Teaching and Research use is now available for renewal. SAS Administrative use, due to an issue with invoicing on SAS' part, has a temporary extension in place. Details on this extension are below.

Customers who have renewed their copies of SAS since Sept. 1, 2011, are considered paid through Sept. 30, 2012.

At the moment, SAS is running in a grace period for unpaid customers. SAS will retain its full functionality while it runs in this grace period through Dec. 30, 2011.

The IT Service Desk has provided renewal codes to all Teaching and Research customers who have renewed since Sept. 1, 2011, and are in the process of providing temporary renewal codes to Admin users who have done the same.

If you have not already renewed your SAS licenses, you may do so by submitting an eRequest for the software to "Site Licensing - OCIO"

For Administrative Users: SAS has not provided codes at this time due to billing issues on their end. We expect to receive these codes prior to the end of the year, but SAS has provided us with temporary codes in the interim, in case they are unable to provide corrected codes that will run for the duration of our license. These temporary codes will extend the life of your SAS software through January 31, 2012, and you will receive updated codes as soon as they become available.

OCIO expects two new developments early next year: SAS 9.3 will become available, and the software will be expanded to include student use. Announcements will be provided for each when they are available.

SAS Genetics is no longer an option on the OCIO license.

Cost: The renewal cost varies depending on the type of SAS being renewed:

For Teaching and Research licenses:

  • SAS Windows Workstation for Teaching and Research: $33
  • SAS Windows Server for Teaching and Research: $350
  • SAS Linux Server for Teaching and Research: $350
  • SAS Sun Server for Teaching and Research: $350

For Administrative use licenses:

  • SAS Windows Workstation for Administrative Use: $33
  • SAS Windows Server for Administrative Use: $350
  • SAS Enterprise Miner for Administrative Use: $525

Please note that you must purchase SAS Admin for Workstation in order to run SAS Enterprise Miner.

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