This guide covering "what every student needs to know about online reputation management, digital citizenship and cyberbullying" is free for three days only, available as a download via, in honor of Data Privacy Day 2012.

Author Matt Ivester ironically gained the credibility to write this social media survival guide titled lol…OMG!, after creating the controversial website  The website was initially created as a social media outlet for college students to speak freely about campus life, but quickly became a malicious cyber bullying site, receiving criticism nationwide.

Since the shutdown of in 2009, Ivester has used his knowledge and experience to create a guide for students focusing on the risks of poor digital citizenship and strategies to manage online reputations.  The guidelines Ivester sets in place help ensure that students are not denied jobs, college or graduate school admission or other opportunities based on their online actions.

Take advantage of the opportunity to download Lol…OMG! for free from January 27 to January 29.  Visit this site for more details and ordering information.

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