OCIO’s Twitter #Debut

OCIO on TwitterToday the Office of the Chief Information Officer launched its official Twitter account: @TechOhioState.

Not familiar with Twitter? It’s a social media platform where your messages (tweets) must be short and concise. Once you’ve chosen accounts to follow, their tweets show up on your timeline in a chronological feed. Consider it an opportunity to build your own customized news and entertainment channel where you can browse the headlines and decide what to read further into.

Following @TechOhioState  gets you clever tech tips, Digital Union workshop information, news coverage for technology on campus and beyond.

Don’t let the #FFs, RTs or #AnythingThatLooksLikeThis intimidate you. Get started by following us and before you know it, you’ll have mastered the ins and outs of hashtags, retweets, trending topics and more.

Tweet you soon!

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