Changes to CarmenWiki Access for non-OSU Colleagues

OCIO staff are making two changes to CarmenWiki. One change will have a somewhat broad impact; the other is fairly minor. Note that these changes apply ONLY to CarmenWiki, not to Carmen.

The bigger change is related to how access to CarmenWiki is provided for people not affiliated with Ohio State.

When we started CarmenWiki, we set up a relationship with an entity called ProtectNetwork as a way to provide access to non-affiliated colleagues. On Sunday morning, March 25, the CarmenWiki login page will be changed to remove the ProtectNetwork option. We are making this change both because of changes in ProtectNetwork’s terms of use, but also because of new options available here at Ohio State.

If you need to provide access to CarmenWiki for colleagues at other institutions, we  recommend that you  request OCIO sponsored user accounts for them. These accounts can be requested from HR or IT staff in your own college or department.

When we remove the ProtectNetwork login, we will enable another option that could allow guests to login with their own institution’s username and password. This option will only work for guests who are affiliated with institutions that belong to InCommon AND that agree to share credentials. (If you have logged into the EDUCAUSE site using your Ohio State username (lastname.#), you have taken advantage of this InCommon service.) Because we cannot control which institutions might decide to participate, we are not recommending this as an option for guest access. We are merely making it available for those who can use it.

After we make our changes to the CarmenWiki  login page, users with an OSU lastname.# will notice some minor changes to their own login process.

The minor change to CarmenWiki is that we have added a captcha requirement for anonymous comments to wiki pages.  Excessive spam comments have negatively affected system performance as well as posing security risks. This change was implemented Friday afternoon (March 16). End-users were not affected by the change process.

Anonymous commenting is an option that must be enabled by a space owner. The captcha will only be required of people who comment without having logged in to CarmenWiki first.

If you have questions about these comments, please send them to us at

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