Apply by November 5 to Enhance a Course with the LT Impact Grant

The OCIO Impact Grant program is a great opportunity to collaborate with learning technology professionals to enhance an existing course through technology. The focus of the Impact Grant program is to increase student engagement, facilitate greater instructor efficiency, and enable anyplace/anytime learning through purposeful technology use in a course impacting students.

The interdisciplinary selection committee selects projects that emphasize changes to course design and student experience and that will serve as an exemplar for other courses. For selected projects, the OCIO provides more than $30,000 of dedicated personnel support and financial resources over the course of the collaborative development process.

OCIO Impact Grant applications are due November 5. We will be hosting open Q&A sessions for interested faculty & staff from 11:00am-12:00pm on October 16 and from 12:30-1:30pm on October 24, in 060 Science and Engineering Library.

To learn more, visit If you have questions about the Impact Grants program, contact Rob Griffiths (OCIO Learning Technology) at 614-292-5901 or