Are You Confident that Your Data is Secure?

The growth and development of security professionals throughout the colleges and departments is key to our successful university-wide approach to security. Recognizing the importance of continuing education and dialogue in our one-university approach, the Office of the CIO will be celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness month (NCSAM), by partnering with Battelle to host a new annual conference. Employees from Ohio State, Battelle, Wexner Medical Center, and other security enthusiasts will gather in the Fawcett Center on October 29. Nationally recognized experts will hold presentations and workshops addressing current cyber security issues, trends, and best practices.

The theme for this year’s NCSAM Event is Our Shared Responsibility, emphasizing the need for everyone to know and execute proper security practices. "We decided to keep the national theme for our local conference because it's so inclusive and critical," said Julie Talbot-Hubbard, Chief Information Security Officer. "IT security professionals need to understand and address vulnerabilities, as well as detect attackers and respond quickly. But IT security professionals can't create secure environments alone. Managers need to apply a strong framework for building information security into IT products and systems. Software developers need to use processes and techniques that result in secure applications. Users, especially mobile computing users, need to think proactively about security."

What can people expect to find at this event?

  • Managers will discover ideas for building security into IT products and systems.
  • IT security professionals will learn new approaches to deter, detect, and respond quickly to attacks.
  • Software developers will be introduced to processes and techniques that result in secure applications

Colleges and departments across the university see the potential in gathering to share information. "Effective security is something that requires understanding and cooperation across diverse communities," said Diane Dagefoerde, CIO, College of Arts and Sciences. "This event will bring the right groups together to explore different types of risks and to learn strategies and approaches that can be used to mitigate those risks. I look forward to many engaging conversations during Cyber Security Day!"

More information, including a program and the day's agenda, is available at the registration page:

Questions? Contact Charlie Smith (OCIO Enterprise Security) at 614-292-2899 or