E-mail Improvements for Increased Storage and Spam & Virus Protection

The last six months have been a busy time for our University E-mail service. The OCIO e-mail team has collaborated with university IT advisory groups to identify and implement two exciting enhancements to University E-mail based on customer feedback.

  • Expanded mail storage: We've heard you loud and clear – you want more storage capacity in your mailbox. Faculty and staff who use the University E-mail Service will soon have an expanded primary mailbox and a new secondary mailbox with unlimited storage. The expanded storage will be provided to units at no additional charge.
  • Improved anti-spam protection: We hate spam even more than you do and we are pleased to have recently completed the transition to a new anti-spam service called Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE). FOPE is an industry-leading, cloud-based service that protects the university’s e-mail from spam, viruses, and phishing attempts. (shared in September 2012)

In addition, migrations from locally managed e-mail systems to the University E-mail Service are underway with one-third of faculty and staff now using the service. We’re pleased to have received positive feedback from our migration partners and the university community about both the service and the migration process.

Want to know where your area is on the migration schedule? The migration schedule is available on the Enterprise E-mail Project web site (emailproject.osu.edu).

The Enterprise E-mail project is on target to be complete in June 2014, at which time we will have consolidated over 60 email systems and 135 domains into a One University e-mail and calendaring service. The OCIO team appreciates the many partnerships that have contributed to the success of the University E-mail Service and is pleased to continue these collaborations through future service enhancements and unit migrations.

If you have questions about the University E-mail Service, contact Brant Thomas (Senior Manager Enterprise Messaging, OCIO Infrastructure) at 614-292-7044 or thomas.2519@osu.edu.