BuckeyeBox Delivers Meaningful Improvements

bb-taglineBuckeyeBox, Ohio State’s solution for a robust and intuitive cloud-based sharing system, launched for faculty and staff last month. The tool is being prepared for use in classrooms in the coming months, which will require ADA accessibility improvements, but units are wasting no time in utilizing BuckeyeBox for other purposes.

It’s no surprise that the Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS) is one of those units.

“With researchers spread across the campus, across different networks, there hasn't been a single system that gives us the flexibility to collaborate effectively,” said John Ray, Interim Director for ORIS. “BuckeyeBox provides the bridge between desktops, devices, and networks.”

For instance, BuckeyeBox enables improvement of the office’s document review and submission processes. ORIS initially developed and maintained their own website for these procedures, but BuckeyeBox is adding flexibility and mobility, delivering submissions to a reviewer’s desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Meanwhile, support for the tool rests in the OCIO’s hands, allowing ORIS staff to focus on priority initiatives.

The introduction of mobile devices can complicate workflows by introducing another way for information to be consumed—and another way for compatibility issues to surface. BuckeyeBox is a step closer to seamless mobile collaboration. Feedback from the IT community will help us to provide support for third-party Box.net applications to ensure that BuckeyeBox can be used in a meaningful manner on mobile devices.

Mobility and compatibility are two of several advantages BuckeyeBox brings to the Ohio State community. Large storage capacity is another. Users are provided with 50 gigabytes of hosting space upon activation, and the maximum size for any single file is 5 GBs. Ray said that researchers sometimes need to submit large video files for review. The large storage capacity of BuckeyeBox offers a solution where current systems such as web uploads or email aren't feasible.

Like many tools used in a university environment, the more people employing it, the greater benefit it provides enterprise-wide.

“A healthy, well-supported BuckeyeBox benefits everyone at OSU,” Ray said. “It fosters collaboration, eliminates paper, and greatly reduces the inherent complexities of sharing information across dissimilar networks, computing platforms, and devices.”

For more information on the BuckeyeBox and how it can improve workflow and collaboration, or to get started, visit box.osu.edu.   If your department needs support in getting started, we can help!

Questions? Contact BuckeyeBox Project Manager Brant Thomas,Senior Manager of Enterprise Messaging, at thomas.2519@osu.edu or 614-292-7044.