Schedule Planner Generates Options, Improving the Student Experience

Scheduling classes can be a real challenge for students. Suppose a student thinks her whole schedule is set, and then realizes that the 9 a.m. M/W/F Econ class she planned to take is full. The only other time it's offered is at the same time as her Spanish class, but changing that means she needs to find a different time slot for the Poli-Sci course she wanted to take.

Morgan Passmore, a Strategic Communications major and OCIO student employee, has become a big fan of Schedule Planner and thinks other students will as well. “Schedule Planner eliminates the stress from registering for classes,” said Morgan. “It’s especially helpful for students who have jobs, internships, or commitments other than classes that need to be considered when planning their schedules.”

Schedule Planner is a tool launched this semester in collaboration with Enrollment Services to help alleviate those types of pain points and to allow students to plan their class schedules more efficiently. Matching students up with open seats in existing classes ensures that they are getting the most out of the resources that we offer and having a better student experience overall.

“Schedule Planner has been quickly adopted by students,” said Dave Kieffer, Senior Director of Application Services, “and we’re thrilled at the response to providing a tool directly integrated with our Student information System.”

The web-based class scheduling system is integrated with the Student Information System and is linked from the main Student Center page. Once students launch Schedule Planner from the Student Center, they can enter all the classes they want to take and the system will automatically generate possible schedules. Schedule Planner even allows users to block out "breaks" -- time that needs to be set aside during the day for studying, extra-curricular activities, work schedules, internships, or athletics.

With the success of the current features, we are already looking to the future. “An advisor enhancement is currently being developed through collaboration with College Scheduler, OCIO, Enrollment Services and Undergraduate Education,” said Brad Myers, University Registrar. “This added functionality will greatly assist advisers in helping students schedule classes, and should be available before Autumn Semester registration.”

Questions? Contact Dave Kieffer, OCIO Enterprise Applications, at or 688-4272.

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