Don’t Get Hooked! Hackers Latest Phishing Scheme Targets OSU

PhishingWe all know that The Ohio State University will NEVER ask for your password via email, phone, or any other method. Everyone knows that if you receive such a message, you should report it to The OSU community is aware that you NEVER reply to any email asking for your account information or other personal details.

Still, hackers are constantly cooking up new schemes, often laced with legitimate information to make them seem more credible. The latest uses legitimate OCIO employee names, but the request is anything but legitimate. This latest attempt is fraught with the typical hallmarks of phishing – bad grammar, awkward sentence structure and unbelievable requests for your personal information. Beware – never reveal you password and/or user name!

Already got hooked? Contact the IT Service Desk by dialing 8-HELP (on campus), 614-688-HELP, or

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