E-mail Storage Expanded in Response to User Requests

With more than 16,000 of faculty and staff using the University E-mail Service we can’t really call it “new” anymore. But we haven’t stopped working with the university’s IT advisory groups and listening to your feedback to provide an e-mail service that meets the needs of both current and future users.

With that in mind, on Sunday February 17, standard e-mail storage for faculty and staff using the University E-mail Service will include:

  • Expanded primary storage of 1GB: This doubles the default storage for most users. Already have more than 1GB of storage? Don’t worry. The change will not decrease the primary storage for any user; it will only increase storage for users below 1GB.
    Don’t worry if you don’t see the increased storage reflected in Outlook. There is an issue with some clients that prevents the storage increase from being displayed without reconfiguring your e-mail profile. Access your University E-mail Service account from Outlook Web App (OWA) at email.osu.edu and mouse over your name (Lastname, First name) to see your primary storage usage.
  • Unlimited secondary (archive) storage. A new mailbox named “Personal Archive – lastname.#@osu.edu” will automatically be added to your profile in OWA. Your secondary mailbox will mirror your primary mailbox and your archive configuration will move messages from primary to secondary storage according to your folder archive settings.

If you need more information about accessing and using your primary and secondary storage, check out the University E-mail Service: Mailbox Storage IT Knowledge Base article at ocio.osu.edu/KB03682.

If you aren’t a University E-mail Service user yet and want to know where your area is on the migration schedule it is available on the Enterprise E-mail Project web site (emailproject.osu.edu).

The Enterprise E-mail project is on target to be complete in June 2014, at which time we will have consolidated over 60 email systems and 135 domains into a One University e-mail and calendaring service. The OCIO team appreciates the many partnerships that have contributed to the success of the University E-mail Service and is pleased to continue these collaborations through future service enhancements and unit migrations.

If you have questions about the University E-mail Service, contact Brant Thomas (Senior Manager Enterprise Messaging, OCIO Infrastructure) at 614-292-7044 or thomas.2519@osu.edu.

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