Incident Resolution Gets Social

Creating a positive customer experience is at the core of every OCIO service. Taking cues from large, well-known brands who began solving their customers' problems via Twitter, we recognize that our users’ expectations have changed. Some of them want their issues addressed where they’re already spending their time – on social media.

The OCIO's communication team ventured into social media with a Twitter account just over a year ago. One of several reasons was that we knew our customers are communicating through social media, likely mentioning our services already.

The first step was to find our customers and join in the conversation. Sometimes we can be proactive with our Twitter account by searching for mentions of our services:wirelessincident


Sometimes users tweet us directly:


Either way, faster solutions are expected in social media—which creates a challenge. We’ve done our best to answer these problems quickly, and our audience is overwhelmingly receptive of our work.

shoutout full conversation below


For years we have worked hard to ensure we are assisting our customers and satisfying their needs through existing service desk channels. Now, to better serve the university community, we're providing equally admirable customer service in the social realm. We look forward to growing our social media presence in the future to create new connections with our customers and to support the university mission.

If you have questions or suggestions for our social initiative, contact Lucy Ramos at


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