Highly Anticipated Updates for OSU Mobile 2.0

Last year, OSU Mobile was recognized as one of the best university mobile apps. This year, one of the best became even better.

We began making updates to the app in early March. After updating, iOS users see an entirely new design. Sleek lines create a more modern menu, and new features give the app added value.

“The interface for OSU Mobile 2.0 is much easier to use,” said Courtney Kasuboski, an Industrial and Systems Engineering student. “There’s an organized home screen and a convenient sidebar that highlights the information I need from within the application.”

New app users will feel immediately familiar with the app, as the front page closely resembles the university website’s homepage.

Kasuboski said the simplified log in process is a huge time-saver. Rather than signing in every time she opens the app, a single sign in gives her access to all of her personalized content for successive visits. With this update, checking her BuckID balance or seeing how much time she has before her next class takes seconds.

OSU Mobile features

The newest version of OSU Mobile also reinforces our values for accessibility. The OCIO’s mobile team worked closely with the university’s Web Accessibility Center to make OSU Mobile compatible with the iOS VoiceOver software in a way that reads the app’s content to visually impaired users in a natural, comprehensive way.

Hundreds of students, faculty, and staff have weighed in to tell the OSU Mobile team what they want to see in the university application.

“We combined these focus groups and surveys with analytics on the app usage,” said Steve Fischer, OCIO’s director of web and mobile technology. “This information was brought into the app development process from the beginning. It’s truly a resource built by and for the Ohio State community.”

Some of these requests brought into fruition for OSU Mobile 2.0 include more granular map searches, an increased historical log of grades from your OSU courses, and integration between your device’s contact list and Ohio State’s Find People directory.

True collaborative spirit initiated this application’s development, with University Communications, University Libraries, Student life and the Office of the CIO all invested. In November 2012, the collective brain baby was officially put in the custody of the OCIO, with staffing and a focused directive. The final destination for this application, to be realized over a series of upgrades, is a central hub for OSU resources on the go, able to predict a user’s needs and provide them with customized data when it matters.


The OSU Mobile 2.0 update for Android launched Tuesday, April 16, with changes listed below. Web and Mobile Apps Director Steve Fischer calls them "light years ahead of where the Android app is today."

Updates push to your device automatically. If you don't have the app for your Android device yet, search "OSU Mobile" in the Play Store, or simply click the Google Play badge below.


Sticky Authentication
- User doesn’t have to log in repeatedly

New Navigation
- Uses vertical navigation that slides from left side

- Academic calendar now integrated
- New interface

- Progressive swipe view of all terms’ grades

- Additional location types to filter through, e.g., lactation rooms

Find People
- Now integrated with native Android contacts

UI Overhaul
- News
- Events
- Athletics
- O-H-I-O
- Maps/Locations

New Modules
- Buckeye Stroll

Questions and other inquiries can be directed to Steve Fischer at fischer.141@osu.edu.

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