QuickOfficePRO Not Approved for BuckeyeBox Synch

Synching new Applications with the BuckeyeBox tool for mobile collaboration and cloud sharing is a balancing act. We want to make your work easier, more mobile and collaborative, while keeping university data secure.

As stated in our Knowledge Base article on BuckeyeBox-approved apps, “Third-party applications are approved for BuckeyeBox based upon various criteria, including security, functionality, stability, and usability.” When these third party apps don’t protect institutional data properly, the OCIO can’t launch them as approved services to handle data from our systems, assuming unwarranted risk to the university and its constituents.

We are open to testing your favorite apps and see what aligns with our policies. To perform those tests, it is necessary to synchronize these apps with Ohio State usernames and passwords.

Upon request to synch with QuickOfficePRO, the BuckeyeBox team temporarily linked BuckeyeBox login credentials to the popular document sharing and editing tool for MS Office-like documents. This synchronization is all-or-nothing, in other words we have to turn it on for everyone and do not have the option to only let our testers link accounts. After testing, we concluded that QuickOfficePRO did not appropriately safeguard university data.

Though the app was not officially approved for use with BuckeyeBox or advertised as so, our vendor Box does recommend it. This recommendation was featured on the vendor’s website and directed to their general audience*, not BuckeyeBox users who handle sensitive data. Box suggests several quality applications on their website that unfortunately are not appropriate for handling university business.

The recommendation on Box’s website, combined with the temporary testing period during which QuickOfficePRO and BuckeyeBox were synched, led several users to believe that the app was in fact approved for use with university data. We apologize for any user who purchased the application in anticipation of a permanent synchronization with BuckeyeBox.

All apps that are approved for use with BuckeyeBox are listed in our KB article, About Apps for Box. It is recommended that BuckeyeBox users only transfer files between BuckeyeBox and the third party applications that are listed as approved on this page. We truly appreciate your patience as we explore the many popular apps that might improve your BuckeyeBox experience.

For help with removing university data from your QuickOfficePRO app, to request a new app to be synched with BuckeyeBox, or for other support, contact the IT Service Desk.

*Wondering what’s the difference between Box users and BuckeyeBox users?  Check out our KB: ocio.osu.edu/ KB03834

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