BuckeyeBox: Reaching for New Heights in the Cloud

Having reached more than 14,000 users – without any promotion to students – is a pretty good sign that BuckeyeBox is catching on. It should really take off this fall as we begin getting the word out to students and they begin signing up for this cloud-based collaboration tool.

As an accessible educator, Ohio State requires all technology tools be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) before making them available for mainstream use.  OCIO, along with IT leadership at other universities, has been working with Box.com on a version of the tool that all students can use. Though not feature-complete at this point, the accessible interface for Box (available from https://a.app.box.com/) is moving toward being fully ADA compliant. In the interim, the OCIO has protocols and documentation in place for accommodating users with disabilities.

“For a service like Box, I think it's better to leverage an existing cloud "above campus" kind of service than to build something from scratch, for lots of reasons,” says Diane Dagefoerde, CIO for the College of Arts and Sciences.  “There's no way we can provide that kind of capability at the same cost, so it makes sense to leverage things that are already out there and bring them to the university for what we need.”

Now that we’re ready to bring students into the mix, we are making plans to help faculty get acquainted with the tool. OCIO is working with the Digital Union to present an introductory session about BuckeyeBox that covers basic functionality of the tool. It will be held on Thursday, August 15 from 1 to 2:30 p.m. in Campbell Hall (CM) room 119. There are no prerequisites for this hands-on, demo-based presentation and computers will be provided.

Using BuckeyeBox
BuckeyeBox enables the Ohio State community to securely share, access, and collaborate on important content anywhere, anytime, from any device. How will this improve collaboration? Take a look:

  • View and access content on demand. As long as you have web access, you’re never out of touch with critical content.
  • Share a whole folder of files across campus with just a link – no firewalls or access roadblocks.
  • Receive real-time updates, so you know when someone’s viewed, edited, or commented on your file.
  • Working on a project? Send project files to the team just by emailing a link. Comment on files and assign tasks to your teammates.
  • Put documents and pictures on BuckeyeBox, then access from a school computer or your tablet. No more lugging your laptop. Eliminates email clutter and saves space on your hard drive, too.
  • Use BuckeyeBox to avoid data mining. Our contract with Box keeps your information safe from data mining, a common practice among many of the commercial services currently available.

When Not to Use BuckeyeBox
BuckeyeBox is appropriate for personal files and information classified as public (See Data Classifications). You shouldn’t use your BuckeyeBox account to collect, process, or store data covered by laws that protect privacy or require security measures. Personal Health Information (PHI) should never be stored on BuckeyeBox.

Special Thanks
A special thank you to our IT partners across campus who participated in making this solution a reality: ADA Coordinators Office (Scott Lissner & Ken Petri), Athletics (Jim Null), Board of Trustees (Ken Cherrington), College of Arts and Sciences (Diane Dagefoerde), College of Education & Human Ecology (Joe Rousch), College of Engineering (Michael Compton), College of Food, Agriculture, & Environmental Science (Rob Luikart), College of Law (Bruce Johnson), College of Social Work (Judy Nodjak), Graduate School (Doug Brownfield), Lima Campus (Jim Kerr), Mansfield Campus (Major Price), Marion Campus (Dan Aquino), Newark Campus (Howard Imhof), Office of Business and Finance/Admin & Planning (Darryl Jordan), Office of Student Life (John Link), Office of Research (Jim Lemon), University Libraries (Beth Warner), and Wexner Medical Center & College of Medicine (Phyllis Teater). This is a great example working together to achieve a One University IT Solution

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