BuckeyeBox Cloud Collaboration Tool Launches Enterprise-Wide

BuckeyeBox originally launched for faculty and staff use around this time last year. We heard several success stories from people all over campus who integrated BuckeyeBox into their work flows. With several accessibility concerns, however, the tool was not approved for use in the classroom and was not promoted for student adoption.

Since then, the BuckeyeBox vendor Box has made accommodations for assistive technology, including the accessibility-enhanced version of their website at a.box.com.

The BuckeyeBox service is officially launching for campus-wide use, as of today.

As excited as we are for this launch, it’s important to acknowledge that the a.box.com website still has some improvements to make. Ohio State holds high standards for accessibility and we hope to see several improvements for this tool so that persons with disabilities have a truly equal experience when using BuckeyeBox, compared to the average user.

In the meantime, users who rely on a screen reader or tab-through navigation should use a.box.com and contact the IT Service Desk when they need fuller functionality.

For IT Service Desk Support:

BuckeyeBar: 60A Thompson Library
walk-in hours

Phone: 614-688-HELP (4357) | TDD: 614-688-8743,
help desk phone 

a.box.com does not include the following features:

-       Syncing a folder from the Box website to your local hard drive (desktop)
-       Changing collaborator access for a folder
-       Changing notification settings

In the current workaround solution, the IT Service Desk analysts will use remote desktop technology to navigate the full version of the BuckeyeBox website on account of the end user, and make any settings changes the user requests.

The Office of Disability Services is working closely with the BuckeyeBox team to insist that the Box vendor provides these lacking features, so that persons with disabilities can have a truly compatible experience. We are moving forward, however, with confidence that navigating a.box.com allows a user to successfully complete day-to-day functions that make BuckeyeBox such a great tool.


A comprehensive outreach initiative provides instructors and other users with all the information they need for support in using BuckeyeBox for collaboration in the cloud. Some of that information is provided in knowledge base articles cited below.

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