PeopleSoft Upgrade Project

Representatives from the Office of Human Resources, the Wexner Medical Center, the Office of Business and Finance, Enrollment Services and Undergraduate Education, and the Office of the Chief Information Officer are working to modernize the current HR and Student Information Systems (SIS) from PeopleSoft version 8.9 to the latest software available from our vendor (HR 9.2 and SIS 9.0).  As part of our communication strategy, the project team will be providing regular updates about the PeopleSoft Upgrade and Reimplementation to the HR Community. Following is information that you as an HR Professional need to be aware of as the project develops.

The Basics

  • HR/SIS will be split into two systems: HR 9.2 and SIS 9.0.
  • Customization to the software will be significantly reduced allowing the implementation of delivered functions and a reduction in long-term maintenance costs.
  • Both systems plan to move to production over Memorial Day weekend 2014.

In Scope

  • The HR portion of the project is considered a reimplementation because of the focus on analyzing and, when possible, implementing delivered functionality and removing customizations. With that goal in mind, there will be significant changes including:
  • Implementation of PeopleSoft Commitment Accounting which will change the way financial information for employees is recorded (Job Earnings Distribution or JED) including how personnel expenses are transferred (PETs).
  • Changes to how additional pay is processed.
  • Additional functionality through Employee Self Service.
  • Access, navigation, and other visual changes for all system users, including Employee Self Service.

Out of Scope

But not everything is changing! Decisions have been made that mean the following items are not in the project scope (though they are being considered for future implementation):

  • Implementation of delivered Talent Acquisition Management functionality. Talent Acquisition Management is currently being used by the Wexner Medical Center and will be upgraded with the project. But after a lot of analysis and discussion, the university will not be able to make the system, process, and people changes to support the delivered functionality while still making the May 2014 go-live date.  This means the campus side will continue to use PeopleAdmin to manage your job postings and applications.
  • Replacing HR Action Request (HRA) with delivered HR 9.2 functionality.  Again, after our analysis and research, we have determined that we do not have the needed resources and time to make the necessary changes to switch to delivered PeopleSoft functionality to replace HRA, so the university will continue to use that system in those areas that have implemented it.  For those of you who are contemplating implementation of HRA, we foresee no critical effects from the PeopleSoft Reimplementation that would impact you moving forward with those plans.
  • Changes to eTimesheet and eLeave.  For those areas that are using these systems, you will continue to do so.

Stay Informed

Updates and information will continue to be shared through various communication avenues:

  • HR Leadership Team Meetings – regular project updates will be provided to Senior HRPs so that they can develop internal strategies in preparing their college/unit and HR teams for the change.
  • Communications via email and other vehicles – HR Now, Administrative Systems NewsLink – where you normally hear HR information.  The project team will also look for ways to communicate to groups who will be impacted by the reimplementation in other ways, such as with the SFO team and technology teams. If you know of groups with whom we should be targeting communications, please share your ideas.
  • Sessions that focus how your internal business processes, both on the HR and fiscal side, will be affected by some of the system changes coming. We want you to have as much time as possible to digest and understand the changes and work with your colleagues to adjust your processes so as soon as we have sufficient details, we’ll be back with more information and supporting materials.
  • Announcements of hands-on training and other sessions that will be offered in preparation for go-live.  Our goal is to have training prepared an implemented well before go-live, so you should be planning time for your HR teams to be involved in training activities in early spring.
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