Blue Chip Goal in Progress: BuckIQ

The OCIO will be rolling out a new business intelligence initiative to bring all of Ohio State together in a One University vision, allowing every college and business unit to reach beyond the data analysis they have today. BuckIQ will deliver easy access to user-designed and pre-designed reports, data presentation that is more easily understood through a business lens, and familiar language for easier adaptation to new systems and tools.

So what is BuckIQ?

Key BuckIQ Facts:

  • BuckIQ is a web-based business intelligence solution that will provide improved accuracy, integration, and governance to everyday data inquiries.
  • Reporting and graphing abilities in BuckIQ will be more dynamic than solutions currently available, and the service will deliver clear, understandable insights.
  • Access to BuckIQ will be more broadly available for university employees in early 2014, but the full roll-out process will continue into future fiscal years.
  • BuckIQ will not take the place of eReports right away. The two will coexist until the full capabilities of BuckIQ have been launched, giving users time to thoroughly explore the new system.

BuckIQ Blue Chip Goal Progress:

  • The scope of the BuckIQ Blue Chip project includes:
  1. Student Information System (SIS) updates from the PeopleSoft Reimplementation project, such as class and term enrollment, and degree and academic plan summaries
  2. Human Resource (HR) data mart revisions including job, recruiting, compensation, and benefit enrollment
  3. Extensions for the use of General Ledger Analytics in the Fiscal Officer user community
  • The BuckIQ deployment for theses PeopleSoft enhancements remains on schedule for the Memorial Day 2014 implementation.
  • For an overview of the new BuckIQ service and its benefits, be sure to watch the video Coming Soon: BuckIQ.

    As the BuckIQ project moves forward, we will provide updates about new benefits and features, so stay tuned for knowledge base articles, tutorials and in-person training!

    Do you have questions about how the BuckIQ launch will impact you or your department? We’d like to hear them! Please answer this simple survey to tell us what you want to know.