New Research Topics Coming to Gartner in 2014

IT Professionals in search of technology research, management best practices, and access to expert advice are in luck. The OCIO offers the ability to peruse research findings through the Gartner Technical Professionals service at no cost to IT staff.

Even if you are already aware of and use our Gartner service, be on the lookout for fresh insights coming next year. Gartner just released Planning Guides detailing research topics coming in 2014:

2014 Planning Guide for Collaboration and Content

2014 Planning Guide for Data Management

2014 Planning Guide for Mobility: The Revolution Is Gaining Steam

2014 Planning Guide for Private Cloud, Data Center Modernization and Desktop Transformation

2014 Planning Guide for Application Platforms: The Nexus Era of Software Delivery

2014 Planning Guide for Identity and Privacy in an Age of Converged IT

2014 Planning Guide for Professional Effectiveness: Reshaping IT for the Digital Business

2014 Planning Guide for Security and Risk Management

In order to view this content on, you will need an account. Contact our Gartner representative Tyler DenBoer (801-307-5348) to receive credentials and access to the Gartner service.

Having an account for the Gartner Technical Professionals (GTP) service provides IT staff members with a variety of benefits. With content tailored to hands-on IT professionals, the Gartner site brings technical research, best practices, tailored architecture recommendations and templates, and direct access to analysts at Gartner all within your grasp.

More information on the capabilities of the GTP service offering can be found on our community blog and in our service catalog.