Data Changes and the HR/SIS Upgrade Project

Over Memorial Day weekend, we will upgrade the current Human Resources (HR) and Student Information Systems (SIS) from PeopleSoft version 8.9 to the latest software available from our vendor.

General Project Information
Representatives from the Office of Human Resources, the Wexner Medical Center, the Office of Business and Finance, Enrollment Services and Undergraduate Education and the Office of the Chief Information Officer have been working on this project since early 2013. The scope is aggressive, but the benefits are substantial.

The major changes that will be coming with the project include:

  • Splitting the single HR/SIS database into two databases: HR 9.2 and SIS 9.0.
  • Implementing the accounting functionality for HR (this will not change the university’s ChartField or accounting policies; it will change the pages and tables used to record accounting information).
  • Removal of customizations and utilization of as many delivered functions and tables as possible.

As you would expect, these changes will affect the data that many of our organizations rely on for operational processing and strategic planning. Redevelopment and testing of the queries and reports that use this data will be necessary.

In addition, we will be taking steps to reduce the risk of exposure or loss of university data by improving access security. These efforts may result in technology or connection changes for you if you are a data user, but the changes are not on the critical path for this project. We are approaching this effort unit by unit, beginning with the units that use SIS and HR data the most (e.g., Enrollment Services and Undergraduate Education and the Office of Human Resources). We will make changes in other units once a preferred solution is identified.

Project Activities Impacting Users Now
To help data users through these changes, from now through May we will be communicating with data users who access HR and SIS data through the data warehouse, including the ODS, custom objects, SIS snapshots and the HR data warehouse. Communications will include information on what data elements have been added, removed, or changed as well as connection information for the redevelopment and testing environment. Because HR and SIS data sources are separate, there will be separate communications and timelines for each but with the same end date, geared toward our May go-live.

We know you will require many more details. If you access data, you will be receiving some direct emails about changes. We’ll communicate more information as soon as it becomes available.